Spiritual Conflict – Volume 3: God’s People Triumphant by Derek Prince

Six Tape Series
1013 Five Ways Christ Undoes Satan’s Work
1014 God’s Program For The Close Of The Age – Part 1
1015 God’s Program For The Close Of The Age – Part 2
1016 Satan’s Program For The Close Of The Age
1017 Restraining And Casting Down Satan
1018 Spirtual Weapons: The Blood, The Word, Our Testimony
Five Ways Christ Undoes Satan’s Work
I. Introduction
A. John 20:21—As the “second Man” and Head of a new race, Christ sends us to
fulfill His purpose and will, as He Himself fulfilled the purpose and will of the
B. 1 John 3:8b—Christ was manifested to destroy (undo) the works of the devil.
Believers are responsible to complete this task.
C. This is related to the results of Adam’s fall, as follows:
II. The Change In Adam’s Nature Reversed
A. Col. 3:10—We are renewed unto the acknowledgment of the Creator, to
reproduce His image
B. 2 Pet. 1:3–4—Through the acknowledgment of Christ, by the promises of God’s
Word, we are enabled to escape corruption and to become partners of the divine
nature. Christ being divine, became also human, that the believer, being human,
might become also divine (compare 1 Pet. 1:23).
III. Satan’s Usurped Authority Transferred To Christ
A. Matt. 28:18–20—All authority in heaven and earth now vested in Christ and
transmitted to His disciples as they obey Him
B. Eph. 1:20–23—Christ, as Head of the Church, exalted over all rulers and realms
of authority (compare 2:9–11; 1 Pet. 3:22)
C. Eph. 2:5–6—Believers identified with Christ in His exaltation (compare Rom.
5:17; Rev. 1:6; 5:10). The office of priest and king reunited in Christ and in the
D. Rev. 1:18—The resurrected Christ holds the key of death and Hades.
IV. Believers Given Authority Over Demons
A. Luke 1:71, 74–75—Believers delivered from oppression and fear
B. Matt. 10:1; Luke 10:17–19—Believers have authority over all demons